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Strategic counsel; tactical execution. That’s the best way to summarize MAPLE|silk’s sophisticated approach to providing clients with advice on how to communicate with a variety of complex audiences, including governments – one of the most complicated audiences of all.

MAPLE|silk is equipped to provide a full range of services to clients either in house or in partnership with other, smaller firms with whom we work.

Our focus is on campaigns – longer term engagements where we can put our experience and skills to use building then executing a plan with clients. Some of the services often included in such a campaign are:

  • Preparing and executing against strategic communications plans;
  • Preparing and executing against government relations plans;
  • Coalition building/management;
  • Developing branding, marketing and comms plans;
  • Direct advocacy with various governments; and
  • Building third-party support.

Our team builds on decades of experience as project planners, communicators, political organizers and campaigners. We would be happy to discuss your PR and GR needs!